Fujinon HF-XA-1F 5MP Lenses

Fujinon HF-XA-1F Series, 5 megapixels, 2/3" lenses feature high performance "4DHR" to minimize degradation of resolution when the shooting distance or aperture is changed. The lens maintains image sharpness from the center to the edges of the image for consistent, high quality, high-resolution images under varying installation and shooting conditions.

The Fujinon HF-XA-1F series lenses are compatible with IMX250 high performance CMOS image sensor (2/3", 5 megapixels, 3.45µm pixel pitch) and are suitable for applications that require high resistance to shocks and vibrations.

HF-XA-1F lenses are built with Fujinon's Anti-Shock and Vibration technology and a rugged mechanical design with no moving parts inside the lens. Anti-Vibration performance has passed vibration tests conforming to IEC60068-2-6. These features enable optical stability and durability even in harsh environments.

Three interchangeable Iris plates are included with the lens: F open, F4, and F8. Users can customize the iris by replacing the iris plate. The plates are screw-locked to ensure they can withstand heavy shocks and vibrations.

  • High performance "4DHR" lens
  • 5 mexapixel lens
  • Built with Fujinon's Anti-Shock and Vibration technology
  • Compliant with IEC60068-2-6
  • Vibration frequency of 10-60Hz (amplitude of 0.75mm), 60-500Hz (acceleration of 100m/S2)
  • Sweep frequency of 50 cycles
  • 8 to 35 mm focal lengths available
  • High resistance to shocks and vibrations

Lens Family:

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Focal Length
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Filter Size
get a quote for this product HF8XA-1F 2/3" 8.0 5MP 1.6 .1 C 34x60.2 M25.5x0.5
get a quote for this product HF12XA-1F 2/3" 12.0 5MP 1.6 .1 C 34x58.7 M25.5x0.6
get a quote for this product HF16XA-1F 2/3" 16.0 5MP 1.6 .15 C 34x54 M25.5x0.7
get a quote for this product HF25XA-1F 2/3" 25.0 5MP 1.6 .15 C 34x55.4 M25.5x0.8
get a quote for this product HF35XA-1F 2/3" 35.0 5MP 1.6 .1 C 34x50.3 M25.5x0.9

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