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Teledyne Dalsa PC2-CamLink Camera Link Frame Grabber

Teledyne Dalsa PC2-CamLink Camera Link Digital Frame Grabber

PC2-CamLink is ideal for cost-sensitive applications. Compatible with one monochrome area or linescan Base Camera Link™ camera, the PC2-Camlink is a snap to interface to your vision system, thanks to the Camera Link standard and DALSA Coreco’s innovative visual status LED. When you connect the camera cable and external triggers, the PC2-CamLink’s bracket-mounted visual status LEDs provide an immediate visual indication that all signals are present and active. To further simplify setup, the PC2-Camlink provides direct power (5V or 12V) to your camera. The PC2-CamLink has been engineered within DALSA Coreco's exacting Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework to more reliably and efficiently control and monitor the entire image acquisition sequence.


PC2-Camlink Features

  • Variable frame length acquisition
  • Supports infinite vertical length frame (8K pixels x infinite number of lines)
  • Shaft encoder with tick divider
  • Facilitates installation by providing visual status of the acquisition
  • Separate inputs for 2 optocoupled/TTL and 2 LVDS triggers