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Camera Link Area scan camera JAI CV-M2CL
Camera Link Camera
ON Semi KAI-2020 Sensor
1600x1200 Resolution
Area Scan Camera

This product has been discontinued and is no longer manufactured. Please contact us for expert assistance in selecting the most suitable replacement camera for this discontinued model.

CV-M2CL Features

  • Dual tap (Sensor architecture for parallel digitization, i.e. higher frame rates) sensor
  • No Cover Glass or Quartz Cover Glass Options
  • Large pixel wells for higher signal to noise
  • Good choice for long integration times/low light where higher S/N is required
Manufacturer: JAI Model: CV-M2CL Total Pixels: 1,920,000
Resolution: 1,600 (h) 1,200 (v) Sensor Size(inch): 1 Color/B & W: Monochrome
Frame Rate(fps): 30 Sensor Type: CCD Sensor Device: ON Semi KAI-2020
Pixel Size(µm): 7.4(h) 7.4(v) A/D Bits: 10 Shutter Speed(µs): 41(min)/32767(max)
Interface: Camera Link Voltage(VDC): 12V Power(watts): 6.6
Lens Mount: C Shutter Type: Global Weight(grams): 310
S/N Ratio(dB): 50+ External Trigger: Yes Dimensions(mm): 120Lx50Wx40H

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Camera Link Camera

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