USB 2.0 Area scan camera IDS Imaging UI-154xLE IDS Imaging UI-154xLE
USB 2.0 Camera
ON Semi MT9M001 Sensor
1280x1024 Resolution
Area Scan Camera

UI-154xLE is discontinued. Please contact us as we may have a few left in stock.

Our sales engineers can help you in selecting a replacement camera. Please provide us with your application details and we will contact you ASAP. You can submit your application and contact details HERE and we will contact you ASAP.

uEye LE USB 2.0 Camera Family Features

  • VGA to 10.5MP ON Semi/e2V CMOS sensors
  • 1/3" to 1/1.8" sensor format
  • C/CS-Mount ABS housed & M12/No-mount board level
  • Lowest cost USB models

UI-154xLE Features

  • 1/2" CMOS sensor, rolling shutter, progressive scan
  • max. 25 fps, 243 fps in AOI-mode with 256x256 pixels
  • Exposure: 0,035 - 980 ms (freerun mode)
  • Subsampling horizontal and vertical
Manufacturer: IDS Model: UI-154xLE Total Pixels: 1,310,720
Resolution: 1280 (h) 1024 (v) Sensor Size: 1/2" Color/B & W: Monochrome
Frame Rate (fps): 25 Sensor Type: CMOS Sensor Device: ON Semi MT9M001
Pixel Size(µm): 5.2(h) 5.2(v) A/D Bits: 8 Shutter Speed: 35µs to 980µs
Interface: USB 2.0 Voltage(VDC): 5V Power(watts): 2
Lens Mount: CS, S, Board Shutter Type: Rolling Weight(grams): call
S/N Ratio(dB): call External Trigger: Yes Dimensions(mm): call

UI-1540LE-M-GL UI-1540LE-M-GL
CMOS, B&W, rolling shutter, CS-Mount housing model
  • CS-Mount housing model
  • B&W
  • Dimensions: 44x44x25.4mm (WxHxD)
UI-1541LE-M-GL UI-1541LE-M-GL
CMOS, B&W, rolling shutter, S-Mount, M12 model
  • S-Mount, M12 model
  • B&W
  • Dimensions:36x36x20mm (WxHxD)
UI-1542LE-M-GL UI-1542LE-M-GL
CMOS, B&W, rolling shutter, Board-Level model
  • Board-Level model
  • B&W
  • Dimensions: 36x36x8mm (WxHxD)

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