Baumer Industrial Cameras
Visible, Area Scan Cameras - 10GigE

Baumer is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, industrial 10GigE cameras that utilize 100% of 10GigE bandwidth for high-speed industrial inspection, robotics, medical and scientific imaging, traffic monitoring, and many more demanding automated imaging and machine vision applications. The VLXT series of 10GigE, GigEVision-compliant cameras offers 3 to 12MP resolution via Sony IMX25x-series sensors. Baumer industrial machine vision cameras are well known for their excellent quality, high-reliability camera products with a 3-year limited warranty that offers IP65/67 and either copper or SFP+ optical cabling for highly demanding environments.

Baumer Industrial Cameras: Visible, Area Scan Cameras - 10GigE Industrial Cameras: Visible, Area Scan Cameras - 10GigE
  • WVGA to 12MP
  • 1/1.8"-1.1" CMOS, Sony IMX25x/IMX42x sensors
  • Up to 1,578 fps at WVGA resolution
  • 10GigE (PoE) GigEVision

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