Teledyne DALSA Z-Trak / Z-Trak2 / Z-Trak LP2C 3D Laser Profilers

Teledyne DALSA Z-Trak, Z-Trak2, and Z-Trak LP2C 3D Laser Profilers are compact high-performance 3D laser profiler sensors that deliver high resolution height measurements using laser triangulation techniques. The 3D profilers are factory calibrated to ensure accurate, consistent results.

With the easy to use Z-Expert configuration utility, data from multiple Z-Trak profilers can be combined into a common Unified Measurement Space coordination system. The 3D data that's produced can be viewed as a 3D point-cloud, mesh, or a range map image. The 3D data can be extracted at various angles for additional measurements and analysis.

Z-Trak laser profilers are built with IP67 protection to withstand the demands of harsh industrial environments making them suitable for industrial applications such as factory automation, metrology, surface, semiconductor, and parts inspection.

Teledyne Dalsa 3D Z-Trak2 Laser Profilers
Z-Trak2 3D Laser Profiler
  • 360° in-line inspection and measurements
  • Up to 45k profiles/sec
  • Built-in single scan HDR
  • 1, 2.5, 5GigE interface
  • Range 4mm-650mm
  • FOV 9mm-1210mm
  • 2k points/profile
Teledyne Dalsa 3D Z-Trak Laser Profilers
Z-Trak 3D Laser Profiler
  • 10-1000mm Z-range, to 5µm measurement resolution
  • Up to 3.3K profiles/sec
  • GigE interface
  • 8.4-1520mm FOV in X, to 8.6µm measurement resolution
  • 36-400mm working distance range
  • 405-660nm Class 2M/3R, Blue/Red laser options
  • Compact IP67 housing for harsh industrial environments
Teledyne Dalsa Z-Trak LP2C 4K laser profiler
Z-Trak LP2C 4K 3D Laser Profiler
  • Scan speed 5K profiles/sec, 4096 points/profile
  • Unified Measurement Space for 360° in-line inspection and measurements
  • Reflection compensation algorithms
  • Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and materials including reflective surfaces
  • 1, 2.5, 5GigE interface
  • Multi-Sensor synchronization