Teledyne DALSA Sapera Processing
Software tools for image processing and analysis

Sapera Processing is a comprehensive suite of software functions and tools for image processing and analysis. An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) interface, example applications, and software tools enable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), system integrators, and end users to efficiently produce cost effective machine vision applications for inspection, identification, guidance and measurement with reliable, accurate results.

Features and Benefits

  • Hardware independent image acquisition, image processing, analysis and artificial intelligence library
  • Supports area scan, line scan, monochrome, color, 2D, 3D cameras, and frame grabbers, and Z-track laser profilers.
  • Tools for image recognition, object identification, 2D and 3D measurement, machine guidance, surface inspection, object segmentation, object tracking and more
  • Produce machine vision applications more efficiently and cost-effectively with higher accuracy and reliability
  • Support for C++ and .NET languages on Windows 10 and 11
  • Multi-Core optimization supported on single or multiple CPU configurations
  • easy-to-use Graphical User Interface Graphical User Interface(GUI) — quickly prototype and test drive application specific imaging tools

Sapera Processing Overview

The Sapera Processing suite of tools for imaging includes filters, geometric manipulation, measurement, morphology, and point-to-point, transformation, and more.

Graphic showing Sapera Processing’s image processing and anaylsis tools

Sapera Processing Tools examples

Some but not all the Sapera Processing Tools are briefly described below. For more information and examples, see the brochure.

Barcode Tool

The Barcode tool provides two barcode readers: The Quick Barcode Reader is a binary reader that reads barcodes at very high speeds while being tolerant to noise, occlusion, and geometric distortions. The Standard Barcode Reader is a gray-scale reader that provides more flexibility with adjustable parameters. Both barcode readers include Print Quality Grading which is often used for quality verification of the 1D and 2D marks. The Barcode tools support solid and dot matrix fonts including italic fonts, and user trainable fonts.

Barcode example

Barcodes (left to right): damaged, warped, damaged, worn, and poor contrast

Search / Pattern Recognition Tool

The Search tool / pattern finding tool quickly and accurately recognizes multiple objects and patterns regardless of the object’s orientation and scale. The tool has edge-based (based on object contours) and area-based (based on normalized cross-correlation (NCC)) algorithms. This high-level image analysis tool locates user defined models at very high speeds and resolutions — as small as 1/50th of a pixel. This advanced search tool is designed for industrial environments. It works in poor and uneven lighting conditions and is suitable for many industrial machine vision applications such as semiconductor and electronics manufacturing applications.

Multiple areas of this printed circuit board can be scanned at once

Accurately recognizes multiple objects and patterns simultaneously

OCR Tool

The Optical Recognition tool (OCR) supports solid fonts, dot matrix fonts, and trained user fonts. Optimized for speed and accuracy, even imperfect images with variations in scale and contrast can be processed with precision. The OCR tool is ideal for machine vision inspection tasks and is often used for electronic, semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications.

OCR tool with GUI interface

OCR tool with easy-to-use GUI interface

Color Tool

The Color tool has classes for color processing and analysis, pattern matching color space conversion, and support for RGB, YUV, HSV, LAB color spaces. It has built-in support for color calibration, user trainable color classifier, Delta-E measurement, and lookup table operations. Color related tasks are performed with speed and accuracy. The Color tool is suitable for many industrial applications that require color for sorting, verification and inspection in food, packaging, print, textile, and electronics inspection.

Color tool example

Color training & classification using the Sapera Processing Color Tool

2D Measurement Tool

The 2D Measurement tool is a video metrology tool. This highly optimized tool performs automatic multiple measurements concurrently for single or multiple paths (point, line, arc, circle, spoke, etc.) with sub-pixel accuracy, and produces measurements statistics for distances and angles. The Measurement tool can also be used in conjunction with the Sapera Processing Calibration tool to ensure accurate, reliable results. The Measurement tool is suitable for many machine vision inspection applications and tasks such as positioning, identification, and guidance.

2D Measurement tool example of Multiple measurements across a line path

Multiple measurements across a line path

3D Measurement Tool

The 3D tool supports Teledyne DALSA Z-Trak 3D laser profilers and third party Line Scan and Area Scan 3D devices via 16-bit data. The 3D tool provides numerous options for 3D processing, and handling for non-Rectangular Regions-Of-Interest.

AI Tool

The AI tool includes a series of classes to perform AI inference on models generated by Astrocyte™.

Sapera Processing for Easy Integration

Sapera Processing is at the heart of Teledyne DALSA Sapera Vision Software, and easily integrates with Teledyne DALSA’s other software.

Sapera LT

Sapera Processing easily integrates with Sapera LT for image acquisition and control. Sapera LT supports Teledyne DALSA’s cameras and frame grabbers.


CamExpert is a free graphic interface for quick setup and testing with all Teledyne DALSA hardware. The camera setup and system configuration tools make it easier to configure, develop, debug, and deploy vision applications.


Sapera Processing can be integrated with Astrocyte™ to perform AI inference on models generated by Astrocyte™ with Sapera Processing's Artificial Intelligence (AI) classes.

3D Laser Profilers

For 3D imaging, the Sapera Processing 3D tool supports the Teledyne DALSA Z-Trak 3D laser profilers, and third-party line scan/area scan 3D devices via 16-bit data input.