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IDS peak 2.3.0 / uEye+ firmware 3.4

The IDS Vision Cockpit provides you with a graphical interface to quickly and easily evaluate cameras without programming a line of code. In addition to display all camera parameters in a GenICam-typical tree view, the IDS Vision Cockpit provides you with a lot of practical image information and dialog-based settings.

1.Menu and symbol bar, e.g. open camera, start/stop image acquisition or change camera settings

2.Camera list with the available GenTL modules (transport layers, interfaces, cameras)
In the camera list, for example, you can use the context menu to open the dialog to configure the IP address of a GigE Vision camera.

3.Camera properties in the tree views with filtering by beginner, expert, guru and search term

4.Camera image with information display e.g. of the captured frames, frame rate (fps) and size (height and width in pixels)


Note that the IDS Vision Cockpit is currently available only with English user interface.

Fig. 215: IDS Vision Cockpit

Fig. 215: IDS Vision Cockpit

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