USB3 Area scan camera IDS Imaging UI-325xLE M/C

IDS Imaging UI-325xLE M/C
USB3 Camera
e2V EV76C570 Sensor
1600x1200 Resolution
Area Scan Camera

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IDS uEye UI-325xLE M/C USB3.0 board-level monochrome and color camera is designed for industrial inspection, robotics, medical, scientific imaging, microscopy, kiosks, as well as a wide variety of other demanding automated imaging and machine vision applications requiring a highly cost-effective camera solution. Featuring 1/1.8" e2V EV76C570 CMOS sensor with 1600x1200 resolution and frame rate to 63 fps. USB3.0 Gen1 model uses Micro B connectors. All IDS cameras are backed by one of the industry’s most comprehensive SDKs (Software Development Kit), and offer long production lifecycles in excess of 10 years.

IDS Imaging uEye LE USB3 Cameras Family Features

  • VGA to 18MP Sony Pregius & Starvis / On-Semi /e2V
  • C / CS / S mount to bare board options
  • High Quantum Efficiencies (77% QE) and Dynamic range (< 75db)
  • High frame rates - 200 fps+
  • Long exposure options

IDS Imaging uEye LE USB3 Cameras features include a 1/1.8" e2V EV76C570, sensor, 1600x1200 resolution, 63 fps, monochrome or color models.

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