Alysium-Tech GigE High Performance Machine Vision Cables

Alysium-Tech offers GigE Vision compatible cable assemblies for industrial applications, which have superior capabilities and quality levels above standard cables. The A+ Series hosts a unique patent pending 40 in 1 screwlock system providing unprecedented locking options. Additionally the cables include die cast shells with tight tolerances and molded contact assemblies for reliability.

We’re the stocking distributor you can rely on when your needs go beyond the shipment of parts. High performance cables are available in 1,2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 meter lengths and can be be customized for extended lengths.

close up of the GigE cable connectors

A+ Generation cable features include:

  • RJ45 connectors with 40 in 1 assembly design allowing 40 various screw locking configurations.
  • Cat7 and 10GigE compliant
  • Die Cast Shell with tight tolerances to improve stability in plug position and overall dimensions.
  • Molded contact assembly for correct pin position compared to normal consumer designed connectors
  • Fully Shielded
  • 100% tested including 10G / CAT6A performance
  • Horizontal and Vertical locking options
  • Extra locking bracket provided with each cable
  • Hi Flex options upon inquiry
  • Up to 8 meter passive lengths!
  • Unique screw locking with any orientation

Alysium A+ Rj45 CAT6A (10G) Industrial Assembly