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Fanless embedded vision computer systems from 1stVision/Neousys

Fanless Embedded Systems are not for everyone! If you are using a computer in a room temp lab that is not mission critical you might not need this type of computer.

However, if you are an OEM or a system integrator, if you need 24/7 high reliability, in an instrument, or on the factory floor, you should NOT be using a desktop computer, but rather a fanless system.

Why our systems are different from the competition!


  • Heat shortens the life me of computer components. One of the biggest sources of heat buildup is dust in a computer’s chassis vents and fans. Fanless systems eliminate this problem
  • Neousys designs motherboards in conjunction with their chassis. Their chassis have no openings to let dirt in, and are designed as the heat sink for the entire computer system. The chassis actually bonds to the motherboard.
  • Other so called systems just use a commercial off the shelf small form factor motherboard, and put it into a closed case.

Longevity (getting the same computer time after time)

  • If you purchase a COTs computer, its motherboard will be obsolete in 6 months. Further, the major manufacturers of computers don’t even design their motherboards
  • Noeusys designs its own motherboards, and you can count on getting that same motherboard for many years. They use components that will be around for a while. What you get today is what you get in 6,12,24 et.c months!

Made for Vision

  • Other embedded manufacturers take their standard computer and just relabel for “vision”
  • Neousys has designed their computers from the ground up with vision as the primary application. POE, multiple USB3 ports, specialized digital IO, GPU acceleration options are just a few of the features Neousys offers to solve vision problems.