GigE Area scan camera Allied Vision Goldeye G-033 TECless SWIR Allied Vision Goldeye G-033 TECless SWIR
GigE Camera
Proprietary Sensor
640x525 Resolution
Area Scan Camera

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Allied Vision Goldeye G-033 TECless SWIR GigE camera, high-speed camera features the fastest VGA resolution Short Wave Infrared Camera (SWIR) with a GigE interface, and a spectral range of 900 nm - 1700 nm. Frame rates up to 301 fps at full resolution enable you to access versatile application fields to accelerate your processes.

Goldeye G-033 TECless cameras feature a small form factor and multiple mounting option for imaging applications with space constraints, and a robust, TECless, fan-less design for industrial applications. The GigEVision interface including Power over Ethernet (PoE) and comprehensive I/O control options simplify the connection to your software solution and the synchronization with other system components, and is equipped with on board image correction features for outstanding image quality.

The Goldeye G-033 TECless GigE camera, available with M42x1, C-Mount or F-Mount lens mounts, is a cost-effective, high performance, high speed camera for imaging applications.

All Allied Vision Goldeye SWIR cameras and XSWIR cameras have a robust compact design, GigE or Camera Link interfaces, comprehensive I/O control options, and produce outstanding low-noise images. All Allied Vision cameras work with the free (with camera purchase) and easy to use with the Allied Vision Vimba SDK.

Goldeye Short wave infrared (SWIR) InGaAs Cameras Features

  • Spectral range 400 - 1700 nm (SWIR)
  • Extended spectral range 400 - 2200 nm (XSWIR)
  • Up to 344 fps
  • InGaAs SWIR sensors

Goldeye G-033 TECless SWIR Camera Features

  • 640x525 InGaAs sensor
  • Spectral range 900 nm - 1700 nm (SWIR - short-wave infrared)
  • 15 x 15um cell size with 9.5 x 7.6 mm active area
  • 14-bit digital processing
Manufacturer: Allied Vision Model: Goldeye G-033 TECless SWIR Total Pixels: 336,000
Resolution: 640 (h) 525 (v) Sensor Size: 12.2mm Color/B & W: SWIR
Frame Rate (fps): 301 Sensor Type: InGaAs Sensor Device: Proprietary
Pixel Size(µm): 15(h) 15(v) A/D Bits: 14 Shutter Speed: 1µs to 200000µs
Interface: GigE Voltage(VDC): 12V Power(watts): 10.8
Lens Mount: M42, C or F Shutter Type: Global Weight(grams): 370
S/N Ratio(dB): call External Trigger: Yes Dimensions(mm): 78Lx55Wx55H