Camera Link Area scan camera Allied Vision Goldeye CL-130 TEC1 Allied Vision Goldeye CL-130 TEC1
SWIR Camera Link Camera
Sony IMX990 Sensor
1280x1024 Resolution
Area Scan Camera

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The Allied Vision Goldeye CL-130 TEC1 Camera Link SWIR camera is a fanless camera that features a Sony IMX991 InGaAs 1/4" SWIR sensor with a 400 nm to 1700 nm spectral range, 94 fps, 5 µm pixel size, SXGA resolution, high dynamic range, and on-board image correction to produce outstanding images. The integrated dual-stage sensor cooling maintains an acceptable temperature range to produce low-noise images and improve the overall sensor performance.

All Allied Vision Goldeye SWIR cameras and XSWIR cameras have a robust compact design, GigE or Camera Link interfaces, comprehensive I/O control options, and produce outstanding low-noise images. All Allied Vision cameras work with the free (with camera purchase) and easy to use with the Allied Vision Vimba SDK.

Goldeye Short wave infrared (SWIR) InGaAs Cameras Features

  • Spectral range 400 - 1700 nm (SWIR)
  • Extended spectral range 400 - 2200 nm (XSWIR)
  • Up to 344 fps
  • InGaAs SWIR sensors

Goldeye CL-130 TEC1 Camera Features

  • Sony IMX990 InGaAs SWIR sensor
  • Spectral range 400 nm - 1700 nm
  • 5 µm pixel size
  • 94 fps
Manufacturer: Allied Vision Model: Goldeye CL-130 TEC1 Total Pixels: 1,310,720
Resolution: 1280 (h) 1024 (v) Sensor Size: 1/2" Color/B & W: SWIR
Frame Rate (fps): 94 Sensor Type: InGaAs Sensor Device: Sony IMX990
Pixel Size(µm): 5(h) 5(v) A/D Bits: 12 Shutter Speed: 18 µs to 200 ms
Interface: Camera Link Voltage(VDC): 10.8 V to 30 Power(watts): 11.8
Lens Mount: C Shutter Type: Global Weight(grams): 330
S/N Ratio(dB): call External Trigger: Yes Dimensions(mm): 78Lx55Wx55H

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