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Teledyne Dalsa Linea ML Camera Link HS Line Scan Cameras

  • 2K to 16K
  • Up to 80 kHz scan rate, TurboDrive
  • RGB color and monochrome options
  • Lowest cost line scan models
  • Up to 7um pixel size for high sensitivity
  • M42 to M72-mount, C-/F-mount options
  • On board flat field correction
Get Quote Model Interface
Line/Fr Rate
Scan Type
get a quote for this product ML-FC-08K10TCamera Link HS Fiber8192x312100Dalsa Proprietary41mm5(h) 5(v)color modelLine Scan
get a quote for this product ML-FC-08K07NCamera Link HS Fiber8192x41275Dalsa Proprietary41mm5(h) 5(v)Color & NIRLine Scan
get a quote for this product ML-HC-16K10TCamera Link HS16384x312100Dalsa Proprietary81.9mm5(h) 5(v)color modelLine Scan

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