Teledyne Dalsa AxCIS Line Scan Imaging Modules

Teledyne Dalsa AxCIS™ Contact Image Sensor (CIS) line scan sensors are high-speed, high-resolution, fully integrated line scan imaging modules that combine sensors, lenses, and lights into an all-in-one compact package. AxCIS image sensors feature a Teledyne Dalsa quadlinear CMOS image sensor, Camera Link HS SFP+ interface, HDR imaging, and a large field of view.

The quadlinear sensor can identify defects and process data at a high rate of speed - up to 120 kHz line rates. The Camera Link HS interface transmits data with low-cost standard fiber optic cables that can be used over long distances - up to 300 meters. Using a dual exposure mode, HDR images can be produced by using a longer exposure for dark scenes with one row of the sensor array, and a shorter exposure for bright scenes with the other sensor array. Due to the AxCIS image sensor’s unique staggered design, the entire field of view is covered with no missing pixels, and automatic tap balancing without interpolation high quality, seamless images are produced.

Teledyne DALSA AxCIS Contact Image Sensors are easy to install with no alignment or calibration required, easy to use, and a cost effective solution for machine vision line scan applications. They are suitable for numerous machine vision line scan applications including battery inspection, print inspection, printed circuit board, web inspection. Their compact size makes them ideal for applications with limited vertical clearance and other tight space constraints.

  • Compact, fully integrated line scan imaging modules
  • High-speed & high-resolution
  • Quadlinear CMOS sensor
  • Camera Link HS
  • Visible (400-700 nm), Near Infrared (700-1000 nm) spectrum
  • Large field of view with no missing pixels
  • HDR imaging with dual exposure mode
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratio
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get a quote for this product AxCIS Mono 400 mmCamera Link HS14286x212120kHzDALSA Proprietary400mm28(h) 28(v)monochrome modelLine Scan
get a quote for this product AxCIS Mono 800 mmCamera Link HS28571x212120kHzDALSA Proprietary800mm28(h) 28(v)monochrome modelLine Scan

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