GigE Area scan camera IDS Imaging UI-524xSE-NIR

IDS Imaging UI-524xSE-NIR
NIR GigE Camera
e2v EV76C661 Sensor
1280x1024 Resolution
Area Scan Camera

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IDS Imaging uEye SE Family Features

  • Up to 25 megapixel CMOS sensors
  • 1/3.6" to 1" sensor format
  • Integrated PoE & FPGA/LUT
  • 128MB image memory for multi-camera flexibility
  • Available housed or board camera with a C-mount lens mount, or a board camera no lens mount

IDS Imaging uEye SE features include a 1/1.8" e2v EV76C661, sensor, 1280x1024 resolution, 60 fps, NIR models.

IDS Imaging uEye SE UI-5240SE-NIR cameraUI-5240SE-NIR
IDS Imaging uEye SE UI-5241SE-NIR cameraUI-5241SE-NIR
IDS Imaging uEye SE UI-5242SE-NIR cameraUI-5242SE-NIR