FWB-PCIE10 Host Adapter

2-port FireWire800 to PCI Express Host Adapter - FWB-PCIE10

2-port FireWire800 to PCI Express Host Adapter

The FWB-PCIE10 is a 2-port OHCI 1.1 Compliant FireWire800 (IEEE 1394b) to PCI Express Host Adapter.

FWB-PCIE10 is designed with three key components:

  • PCI Express to PCI Bus Translation bridge
  • Texas Instruments TSB82AA2 - IEEE 1394b OHCI-Lynx Controller
  • Texas Instruments TSB81BA3 - IEEE 1394b 3-port Cable Transceiver/Arbiter

The PCI Express to PCI local bus translation bridge takes advantages of the 2.5 Gb/s burst rate of 1-lane PCI Express bus and the PCI bus interface is connected to a IEEE 1394b OHCI-Lynx host controller and a three-port 1394b PHY. This solution provides full PCI Express and 1394b functionality and performance.


Technical Specifications

PCI Express and PCI
  • Supports 1-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express
  • Utilizes 100-MHz Differential PCI Express Common Reference Clock
  • Fully Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification, Revision 1.0a
  • Packetized serial traffic with PCI Express split completion protocol
  • Automatic retry of bad packets
  • 8b/10b signal encoding
  • In-band interrupts and messages
  • Support of message signaled interrupts
  • Fully Compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 3.0
  • PCI Bus Power Management Interface r1.1 Compliant
IEEE 1394 Std Support
  • Fully Supports Provisions of IEEE P1394b Revision 1.33+ at 1-Gigabit Signaling Rates
  • Fully Supports Provisions of IEEE 1394a.2000 and 1394.1995 Standard for High Performance Serial Bus
  • Fully Interoperable With Firewire., i.LINK., and SB1394., Implementation of IEEE Std 1394
1394 Bus Transfer Rate Provides two IEEE Std 1394b-2002 fully compliant cable ports at 100/200/400/800 megabits per second (Mbits/s)
Number of Ports
  • Two Bilingual P1394b Cable Ports
  • Bilingual 9pin Connector with Screw Holes for Jackscrew Type Plug Cable
Power Management D0, D1, D2, and D3 power states and PME events per the PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification
Bus Power Connector Big IDE 4-pin DC Power Connector

Operating System Support

  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003
  • Linux 2.6.X
  • Mac OS X


  • CE Test : Pass
  • FCC Test : Pass