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Alysium-Tech USB 3.0 High Performance Machine Vision Cables

close up of the USB 3.0 cable connectors

Alysium-Tech offers USB3.0 cable assemblies for industrial applications, which have superior capabilities and quality levels above standard USB3.0 machine vision cables. These cables have industrial die cast back shells with extra screw lock brackets for locking on both ends and manufactured to high tolerances. High performance cables are available in 1,2,3 meter lengths and have unique 5 and 8 meter passive lengths. Custom lengths are available upon request.

A+ Generation cable features include:

  • USB 3.0 male A to male micro B connectors
  • Die Cast Shell with tight tolerances to improve stability in plug position and overall dimensions.
  • Molded contact assembly for correct pin position compared to normal consumer designed connectors
  • Fully Shielded
  • 100% tested for US B bandwidth and full functionality
  • Horizontal and Vertical locking options
  • Extra locking bracket provided with each cable
  • Hi Flex options upon inquiry
  • Up to 8 meter passive lengths!

Data Sheets - USB3.0—USB Type A to Micro B cable assemblies, Regular Flex

USB 3.0

A74-0147 USB 3.0 cables are available in 10 meters. The cables are fit to the application, meaning they need to be tested in the customer's application. The results we are receiving are great.

Alysium A+ TypeC Industrial Assembly USB 3.1 Gen1

Alysium A+ USB A to MicroB Industrial Assembly USB 3.1 Gen1

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