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Allied Vision Industrial Cameras: GigE, Firewire, SWIR, LWIR, Camera Link Cameras

As one of the biggest manufacturers of firewire (1394) cameras, USB3, GigE, and Camera Link cameras, Allied Vision Tech supplies high-end industrial cameras and components for science, medicine technology, the producing industry, machine manufacturers, system integrators, image processors and dealers.

Allied Vision is also well-known for modifications and customized casings, optics, lighting and cables.

Allied Vision cameras  - Firewire, GigE, and Camera Link industrial cameras - click a tab to view each camera family

Allied Vision Mako Cameras

  • Low cost
  • Ultra compact housing
  • Onboard color debayering
  • 12 bit output
  • 64MB onboard memory
  • GigE or USB3 camera interface
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Mako 030B/CGigE64448412310CMOSIS CMV3001/3
Mako 050B/CGigE8126141271.20Sony ICX6931/3
Mako 095B/CGigE12927341242.80Sony ICX6921/3
Mako 131B/CGigE128010241062e2V EV76C661ABT/EV76C661ACT1/1.8
Mako 192B/CGigE160012001060e2V EV76C570 1/1.8
Mako G-032B/CGigE65849212102Sony ICX4241/3
Mako G-125B/CGigE12929641230Sony ICX4451/3
Mako G-223 NIRGigE204810881249.50CMOSIS CMV20002/3
Mako G-223B/CGigE204810881249.50CMOSIS CMV20002/3
Mako G-234B/CGigE193612161240Sony IMX2491/1.2
Mako G-319 B/CGigE204815441237.50Sony IMX2651/1.8"
Mako G-419 NIRGigE204820481226.30CMOSIS CMV40001
Mako G-419B/CGigE204820481226.30CMOSIS CMV40001
Mako G-503B/CGigE259219441214Aptina MT9P0311/2.5
Mako G-507B/CGigE246420561223.70Sony IMX2642/3
Mako U-029BUSB 3.064048010550On-Semi PYTHON 3001/4
Mako U-051BUSB 3.080060010391On-Semi PYTHON 5001/3.6
Mako U-130BUSB 3.01280102410168On-Semi PYTHON 13001/2
Mako U-503BUSB 3.0259219441214Aptina MT9P0311/2.5

Allied Vision Manta GigE Industrial Cameras

3 LUTs - color correction - PoE - outstanding price/performance ratio

The Manta GigE camera is flexible and feature-rich with an outstanding price/performance ratio. With robust metal housing, three LUTs, sophisticated color correction algorithms, and modular options like angled heads, board level versions, and PoE, the Manta camera is ideal for a wide variety of medical, scientific, and industrial imaging applications.

  • VGA to 9 Megapixels, CCD (Sony) and CMOS (CMOSIS) sensors
  • Two configurable inputs, two configurable outputs (all optocoupled)
  • Three LUTs, color correction, binning, sub-sampling and more features
  • ROI, Exposure, White balance
  • On-board debayering
  • DSP subregion (selectable ROI for auto features)
  • Binning (up to 8 x 14, independent x and y binning)
  • Sub-sampling (decimation) (not all models)
  • Stream hold, chunk data
  • StreamBytesPerSecond (easy bandwidth control)
  • Event channel
  • 5 storable user sets
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Manta G-031B/CGigE65649214125Sony ICX6181/4
Manta G-032 B/CGigE6564941280Sony ICX4241/3
Manta G-033 B/CGigE6564941288Sony ICX4141/2
Manta G-046 B/CGigE7805821467Sony ICX4151/2
Manta G-095CGigE12927361440Sony ICX6551/3
Manta G-1236 B/CGigE41123008129.70Sony IMX3041.1
Manta G-125 B/CGigE12969661430Sony ICX4451/3
Manta G-145 B/CGigE139210401416Sony ICX2852/3
Manta G-145B NIRGigE139210401415Sony ICX2852/3
Manta G-145B/C-30fpsGigE139210401430Sony ICX2852/3
Manta G-146 B/CGigE139210401417Sony ICX2671/2
Manta G-201 B/CGigE162812361414Sony ICX2741/1.8
Manta G-201B/C-30fpsGigE162812361430Sony ICX2741/1.8
Manta G-223B-NIRGigE204810881250CMOSIS CMV20002/3
Manta G-223B/CGigE204810881250CMOSIS CMV20002/3
Manta G-235B/CGigE193612161250.70Sony IMX1741/1.2
Manta G-282B/CGigE193614581230Sony ICX6871/1.8
Manta G-283B/CGigE193614581230Sony ICX6742/3
Manta G-319B/CGigE206415441237.60Sony IMX2651/1.8
Manta G-419B-NIRGigE204820481225CMOSIS CMV40001
Manta G-419B/CGigE204820481225CMOSIS CMV40001
Manta G-504 B/CGigE24522056149Sony ICX6552/3
Manta G-505B/CGigE245220561415Sony ICX6252/3
Manta G-507B/CGigE246420561223.70Sony IMX2642/3
Manta G-609B/CGigE275222061215Sony ICX6941
Manta G-895B/CGigE411221761213.40Sony IMX2671
Manta G-917B/CGigE338427101210Sony ICX8141

Prosilica GT GigE Vision® Cameras

Cameras for extreme environments

Prosilica GT GigE industrial cameras are compact digital cameras, designed for imaging in extreme temperatures (from -20°C to 60°C) and fluctuating lighting conditions. With features like Precise and DC Auto Iris, PoE, and the latest CCD sensor technology, they are ideal for ITS & traffic imaging, machine vision, industrial inspection, security, surveillance, military applications, and other demanding imaging applications.

  • Sony EXview HAD CCD and Truesense KAI quad tap sensors
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®)
  • 1 to 29 Megapixel
  • Fast frame rates to 62fps
  • Auto Iris (P-Iris and DC)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Ethernet surge suppression
  • Gamma
  • Multiple LUT
  • Color correction
  • Metadata (Chunk data)
  • Clock synchronization (IEEE1588)
  • -20 to 60deg C
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Prosilica GT1290 B/CGigE12809601433Sony ICX4451/3
Prosilica GT1380 B/CGigE139210401430Sony ICX2852/3
Prosilica GT1600 B/CGigE162012201425Sony ICX2741/1.8
Prosilica GT1660 B/CGigE160012001462On-Semi KAI-020502/3
Prosilica GT1910 B/CGigE192010801457On-Semi KAI-021502/3
Prosilica GT1920 B/CGigE193614561440Sony ICX6742/3
Prosilica GT1930 B/CGigE193612161250.70Sony IMX174 1/1.2
Prosilica GT1930L B/C EFGigE193612161250.70Sony IMX174 1/1.2
Prosilica GT2000 B/CGigE204810881253CMOSIS CMV20002/3
Prosilica GT2000 NIRGigE204810881253CMOSIS CMV20002/3
Prosilica GT2050 B/CGigE204820481228.60CMOSIS CMV40001
Prosilica GT2050 NIRGigE204820481228.60CMOSIS CMV4000 NIR1
Prosilica GT2300 B/CGigE233617521429On-Semi KAI-040501
Prosilica GT2450 B/CGigE244820501415Sony ICX6252/3
Prosilica GT2750 B/CGigE275022001419Sony ICX6941
Prosilica GT3300 B/CGigE329624721414On-Semi KAI-080504/3
Prosilica GT3400 B/CGigE3384270414/1212.70Sony ICX8141
Prosilica GT4090 BGigE40963072109.60ON Semi PYTHON 12k4/3"
Prosilica GT4090B NIRGigE40963072109.60ON Semi PYTHON 12k NIR4/3"
Prosilica GT4096 BGigE40964096107.20ON Semi PYTHON 16k26
Prosilica GT4096B NIRGigE40964096107.20ON Semi PYTHON 16k NIR26
Prosilica GT4905 B/CGigE4896326414/127On-Semi KAI 1605032.3mm
Prosilica GT4907 B/CGigE4864323214/127.60On-Semi KAI 1607043.25mm
Prosilica GT5120 BGigE51205120104.60ON Semi PYTHON 25k33.16
Prosilica GT5120B NIRGigE51205120104.60ON Semi PYTHON 25k NIR33.16
Prosilica GT6600 B/CGigE6576438414/124On-Semi KAI 2905043.5mm

Guppy PRO Industrial FireWire Cameras

Ultra-compact - 1394b camera - robust housing - excellent price/performance ratio

Guppy PRO 1394b firewire camera is a derivative of the renowned Guppy family. With Ultra-compact, robust metal housing features, the GuppyPRO industrial camera can be easily integrated into a wide variety systems for industrial image processing, machine vision applications. Guppy PRO cameras have an excellent price/performance ratio.

  • Extemely compact 1394B camera
  • Onboard lookup tables
  • Hardware bayer conversion
  • Color correction
  • Binning/Subsampling (B&W only)
  • Partial scan
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Guppy Pro F-031 B/C1394B65649414121Sony ICX6181/4
Guppy Pro F-032 B/C1394B6564941279Sony ICX4241/3
Guppy Pro F-046 B/C1394B7805801232Sony ICX4151/2"
Guppy Pro F-125 B/C1394B12929641430Sony ICX4451/3
Guppy Pro F-146 B/C1394B139210401217Sony ICX2671/2
Guppy Pro F-201 B/C1394B162812361214Sony ICX2741/1.8
Guppy Pro F-503 B/C1394B259219441213Aptina MT9P0311/2.5

Prosilica GC Series GigE Cameras

Fast - ultra-compact - Gigabit Ethernet machine vision cameras

The Prosilica GC cameras are ultra-compact, fast with frame rates up to 119 fps, a Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®), high-performance machine vision cameras. GC camera models, available in VGA to 5 megapixel resolution, with CCD or CMOS sensors are very suitable for a wide range of industrial/machine vision applications.

  • 16Mb on-board image memory
  • Flexible binning modes
  • Video auto iris output
  • 32 & 64 bit Windows software support
  • RS232 output from camera can be used to control peripherals remotely
  • Hardware auto exposure, auto gain, auto white balance for fast response
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Prosilica GC1020 GC1020CGigE10247681233Sony ICX2041/3
Prosilica GC1280GigE128010241027Cypress Semi IBIS5B2/3
Prosilica GC1290 GC1290CGigE12809601232Sony ICX4451/3
Prosilica GC1350 GC1350CGigE136010241220Sony ICX2051/2
Prosilica GC1380 GC1380CGigE136010241220Sony ICX2852/3
Prosilica GC1380H GC1380CHGigE136010241230Sony ICX2852/3
Prosilica GC1600 GC1600CGigE162012201215Sony ICX2741/1.8
Prosilica GC1600H GC1600CHGigE162012201225Sony ICX2741/1.8
Prosilica GC2450 GC2450CGigE244820501215Sony ICX6252/3
Prosilica GC650 GC650CGigE6594931290Sony ICX4241/3
Prosilica GC655 GC655CGigE6594931290Sony ICX4141/2
Prosilica GC660 GC660CGigE65949312120Sony ICX6181/4
Prosilica GC750 GC750CGigE7524801060Aptina MT9V0321/3
Prosilica GC780 GC780CGigE7825821264Sony ICX4151/2

Prosilica GX GigE Industrial Cameras

The fastest Gigabit Ethernet cameras in the world at 240MB/s

Prosilica GX Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®) industrial cameras are compact and fast with frame rates to 112 fps, and a single or dual Ethernet port operation. The GX-Series cameras feature two screw-captivated Gigabit Ethernet ports configured as a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) to provide a sustained maximum data rate of 240 megabytes per second. The Prosilica GX can also work at half the bandwidth (120 MB/s) using a single cable.

  • 3-axis motorized lens control
  • GigE outputs using LAG for ultra high data rates
  • Hardware and software Bayer color conversion
  • Automatic tap balancing in Quad tap cameras
  • Hardware and software luminance output for color cameras
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Prosilica GX1050 GX1050CGigE1024102412118On-Semi KAI-010501/2
Prosilica GX1660 GX1660CGigE160012001268On-Semi KAI-020502/3
Prosilica GX1910 GX1910CGigE192010801264On-Semi KAI-021502/3
Prosilica GX1920 GX1920CGigE193514561240Sony ICX6742/3
Prosilica GX2300 GX2300CGigE236617521232On-Semi KAI-040501
Prosilica GX2750 GX2750CGigE275022001419Sony ICX6941
Prosilica GX3300 GX3300CGigE329624721216On-Semi KAI-080504/3
Prosilica GX6600 GX6600CGigE6576438414/124On-Semi KAI-290501.7

Guppy Industrial FireWire Cameras

CMOS or CCD sensors - very small - lightweight - inexpensive

The Guppy FireWire camera is a very small, lightweight, inexpensive industrial camera. Guppy FireWire cameras are equipped with high quality Sony or Micron/Aptina CCD or CMOS sensors. The Guppy NIR camera models feature high NIR (enhanced near infrared light sensitivity). The versatile Guppy FireWire camera is suitable for a wide variety of machine vision applications.

  • VGA to Megapixel, mono & color
  • C or CS mount
  • Ultra compact housing, 30x30x34mm
  • Async trigger
  • Internal LUT, FIFO buffer
  • 1 input, 3 outputs
  • Free SDK & Directshow Driver
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Guppy-033 B/C1394A658494858Sony ICX4241/3
Guppy-036 B/C1394A752480864Aptina MT9V0321/3
Guppy-038 NIR B/C1394A768494830Sony ICX4281/2
Guppy-044 NIR B/C1394A752582825Sony ICX4291/2
Guppy-046 B/C1394A780582849Sony ICX4151/2
Guppy-080 B/C1394A10347781230Sony ICX2041/3
Guppy-146 B/C1394A139210241217Sony ICX2671/2
Guppy-503 B/C1394A25921944126Aptina MT9P0311/2.5

Stingray FireWire 1394b Industrial Cameras

Modular design - advanced features - ideal OEM camera - ideal custom camera

The Stingray FireWire 1394b industrial camera is versatile and powerful camera for almost any industrial imaging application. The modular and flexible design (angled heads, board level versions, Allied Vision modular concept) make the Stingray FireWire camera an ideal custom or OEM camera.

Stingray cameras are equipped with CCD sensors which provide excellent image quality. They also include an advanced set of camera features, and high-end image pre-processing functions. Stingray industrial cameras are available with daisy chain FireWire connectors or with both copper and GOF (glass optical fiber, ideal for long cable lengths) ports. A mid price Stingray IEEE 1394b camera is suitable for very demanding image processing applications.

  • VGA to 2 M pixel
  • Small size, 29 x 44 x 74 mm
  • Firewire B
  • On board Memory
  • 2 opto input, 4 opto output
  • Asynch/Delay/broadcast Trigger
  • On board Bayer decode
  • 2-8X binning
  • LUTs, shading & color correction
  • 232 control
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Stingray F-033 B/C1394B6564941484Sony ICX4141/2
Stingray F-046 B/C1394B7805821461Sony ICX4151/2
Stingray F-080 B/C1394B10247681431Sony ICX2041/3
Stingray F-125 B/C1394B12969661430Sony ICX4451/3
Stingray F-145 B/C1394B139210401416Sony ICX2852/3
Stingray F-146 B/C1394B139210401415Sony ICX2671/2
Stingray F-201 B/C1394B162812361414Sony ICX2741/1.8
Stingray F-504 B/C1394B24522056149Sony ICX6552/3

Marlin FireWire IEEE 1394 Cameras

IEEE 1394 machine vision camera - CMOS and CCD camera models

The Marlin FireWire camera is Allied Vision's classical most-sold IEEE 1394 industrial camera. Since 2004, thousands of Marlins have been integrated into a wide range of medical and industrial image processing applications. With the Marlin's modular design (angled head, side-entry connectors, Allied Vision modular concept), it fits almost every image processing application.

  • Available in multiple resolutions, mono or color
  • CCD or CMOS Sensors from 1/3" to 2/3"
  • C-Mount
  • Angle head and customized housings
  • Pixel Shading & Correction
  • LUTs
  • On board memory

Not for new designs

Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Marlin-033 B/C1394A6564941074Sony ICX4141/2
Marlin-046 B/C1394A7805821053Sony ICX4151/2
Marlin-080 B/C1394A1032778830Sony ICX2041/3
Marlin-131 B/C1394A12801024825Cypress IBIS5-A-13002/3
Marlin-131B-NIR1394A12801024825Cypress IBIS5-A-13002/3
Marlin-145 B/C1394A13921040815Sony ICX2051/2
Marlin-146 B/C1394A139210401017Sony ICX2671/2
Marlin-201 B/C1394A162812361015Sony ICX2741/1.8

Pike IEEE 1394b Cameras

High frame rates - FireWire 1394b camera - powerful features - CCD sensors

The Pike IEEE 1394b camera is a fast FireWire camera for industrial, medical imaging and other demanding image processing applications. With high frame rates, and extraordinary pre-processing functions like the High SNR mode (up to 24 dB better signal-to-noise ratio) the Pike FireWire cameras produce images with outstanding quality. Pike cameras are available with two copper ports (for daisy-chaining), and with copper/GOF (glass optical fiber) ports.

  • Firewire B
  • Kodak KAI & Sony EXView
  • Mono & Color
  • 14 bit A/D
  • 64 MB memory buffer
  • on board de bayer
  • LUTs, shading correction
  • 2 inputs, 4 outputs

Not for new designs

Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Pike-032 B/C1394B64048014208On-Semi KAI-03401/3
Pike-100 B/C1394B100010001460On-Semi KAI-10202/3
Pike-145 B/C1394B138810381430Sony ICX2852/3
Pike-210 B/C1394B192010801431On-Semi KAI-20931
Pike-421 B/C1394B204820481416On-Semi KAI-40211.2
Pike-505 B/C1394B245620581215Sony ICX6252/3

Prosilica GE GigE machine vision cameras

Compact - high performance - CCD cameras

The Prosilica GE Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®) cameras are very compact, high-performance machine vision cameras, equipped with Kodak KAI CCD sensors. The GigE interface allows for very fast frame rates to 205 fps and long cable lengths.

  • 32Mb on-board image memory
  • Flexible binning modes
  • 14 bit A-D with 12 bit output
  • 32 & 64 bit Windows software support
  • RS232 output from camera can be used to control peripherals remotely
  • Hardware auto exposure, auto gain, auto white balance for fast response

Not for new designs

Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Prosilica GE1050 GE1050CGigE102410241260On-Semi KAI-010501/2
Prosilica GE1650 GE1650CGigE160012001232On-Semi KAI-20201
Prosilica GE1660 GE1660CGigE162012201234On-Semi KAI-020502/3
Prosilica GE1900 GE1900CGigE192010801230On-Semi KAI-20931
Prosilica GE1910 GE1910CGigE192010801232On-Semi KAI-021502/3
Prosilica GE2040 GE2040CGigE204820481215On-Semi KAI-40211.2
Prosilica GE4000 GE4000CGigE40082672125On-Semi KAI-110021.7
Prosilica GE4900 GE4900CGigE48723248123On-Semi KAI-160001.7
Prosilica GE680 GE680CGigE64048012205On-Semi KAI-0340D1/3

Prosilica GB Gigabit Ethernet CCD cameras

Ultra-compact - fast - single-board OEM cameras

The Prosilica GB Gigabit Ethernet CCD cameras are single-board versions of the popular GC GigE Vision cameras. Prosilica GB industrial cameras are high-performance machine vision cameras with a Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision®), an ultra-compact size - the size of a credit card, fast - frame rates to 120 fps, and are available with VGA to 5 Megapixel resolution.

  • OEM board level GigE cameras
  • 16Mb on-board image memory
  • 14 bit A-D with 12 bit output
  • Flexible binning modes
  • Video auto iris output
  • 32 & 64 bit Windows software support
  • RS232 output from camera can be used to control peripherals remotely
  • Extended temperature range
  • Hardware auto exposure, auto gain, auto white balance for fast response
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Prosilica GB1380 GB1380CGigE136010241230Sony ICX2852/3
Prosilica GB2450 GB2450CGigE244820501215Sony ICX6252/3
Prosilica GB650 GB650CGigE65949312120Sony ICX4241/3
Prosilica GB660 GB660CGigE65949312120Sony ICX6181/4

Goldeye Short-wave infrared (SWIR) InGaAs Cameras

InGaAs sensor - spectral response 900 to 1700 nm - GigE or Camera Link interface

The Goldeye short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera features a spectral response from 900 nm to 1700 nm, InGaAs sensors for high sensitivity, very good linearity, and a high damage threshold against intense illumination. With 14-bit processing and abundant image correction features, the Goldeye camera produces outstanding, low-noise high quality images. The Peltier cooling option is ideal for applications with long exposure times, or that require exact temperature measurements. Goldeye cameras are available with a GigE or Camera Link interface.

  • Available with GigE or Camera Link interface
  • Peltier cooling for long exposure times and exact temperature measurements (option)
  • Bad pixel correction
  • Hardware Non Uniformity Correction (NUC)
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Goldeye CL-008 TEC1 SWIRCamLink32025614344Proprietary 12.3mm
Goldeye CL-032 TEC1 SWIRCamLink63650814100Proprietary 20.3mm
Goldeye CL-033 TEC1 SWIRCamLink64052514301Proprietary 12.2mm
Goldeye G-008 TEC1 SWIRGigE32025614344Proprietary 12.3mm
Goldeye G-032 TEC1 SWIRGigE63650814100Proprietary 20.3mm
Goldeye G-032 TEC2 SWIRGigE63650814100Proprietary 20.3mm
Goldeye G-033 TEC1 SWIRGigE64052514301Proprietary 12.2mm

BigEye GigE CCD Industrial Cameras

Low noise - Peltier cooling - CCD cameras

The Bigeye GigE camera with sensitive Sony and Kodak CCD sensors, and up to 11 megapixels satisfies the most demanding requirements for excellent image quality. Features like low noise (Superior signal/noise ratio), robust metal housing, and Peltier cooling make this an ideal camera for machine vision/industrial applications. The Bigeye NIR camera models are an excellent camera for machine vision applications that require sensitivity both in the visible spectrum and the NIR spectrum.

  • Peltier cooling for long exposure times
  • Superior signal/noise ratio
  • Robust metal housing for industrial use
  • GigE Vision
  • Sensitive Sony and Kodak sensors, up to 11 Megapixels
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Bigeye P1100B/CGigE40242680121On-Semi KAI-1100235mm
Bigeye P132/B/CGigE139210401212Sony ICX2852/3
Bigeye P132B-NIRGigE139210401212Sony ICX2852/3
Bigeye P629B-NIRGigE30722048141On-Semi KAF-6303E27.6mm
Bigeye P629B/CGigE30722048141On-Semi KAF-6303E27.6mm

Bonito High Speed Cameras

Sensitive global shutter CMOS sensor - Camera Link camer

The Bonito Camera high speed camera features a Global shutter CMOS sensor with excellent sensitivity due to microlenses, robust and lightweight aluminum housing, and a very low power consumption. The high speed BonitoCL-400B/C camera runs 386 fps at 4 Megapixel resolution, and has an ultra-fast 2 x 10-tap Camera Link Full+ interface. Considerably higher frame rates can be reached with a smaller ROI (region of interest). The high speed Bonito CL-400B/C 200 fps camera runs 193 fps at full resolution and is equipped with a 1 x 10-tap Camera Link Full+ interface.

  • 386 fps at 2320 x 1726 pixels (200 fps version: 193 fps)
  • Robust and lightweight aluminum housing
  • Global shutter CMOS sensor (excellent sensitivity due to microlenses)
  • Very low power consumption, 4 W
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
Bonito CL-400B/C 200 fpsCamLink2320172810193Proprietary 4/3
Bonito CL400B/CCamLink2320172810386Proprietary 4/3

*Model Abbreviations designate camera is available in B-Monochrome, M-Monochrome, C-Color, M/C-Monochrome or Color
**Interface - Firewire cameras = 1394 , Camera Link cameras = Cam Link, USB2.0 cameras = USB, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, GigeVision) = GigE
***FPS - Frames Per Second