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NER LED Backlights

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BL-S-40 and BL-100x200-LP Backlights

BL-Series Modules

Our BL-Series Backlights provide high intensity illumination in small, versatile packages. Using a new approach in thermal management technology for LED illumination, the BL-Series is able to support a large array of LEDs operating at a temperature level that guarantees long life. Modular in nature, the BL-Series product line provides flexibility to support a wide variety of configurations and applications.
Lighting choices include red, white, blue and infrared with both continuous and strobed power sources. LED array sizes range from compact 50x50 units up to 100x200 in select models.

Backlight Applications

Backlights provide illumination to outline a parts overall shape, minimize visibility of clear housings, and to view openings such as drilled holes. Typical applications are measurement of outside dimensions, location of component mounts (e.g. screw holes), and to measure translucency of various materials.



Lamp filament with ring light
Lamp filament with backlight

Compact, versatile designs that adress many applications
Backlight Benefits
High output - Provides high intensity illumination

Long life - Advanced thermal management allows dense packaging of low cost, long lasting LEDs

Enhances contrast - Delivers crisp part outlines for accurate dimensional measurements

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