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Gardasoft machine vision lighting
LED Lighting controllers
for machine vision
High intensity lights
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High intensity LED line lights
for line scan applications
LED strobe current controllers LED strobe lights LED line lights
Illumination control is extremely important to efficient machine vision processing. The Gardasoft range of LED lighting controllers allow you to precisely control your illumination intensity, and to strobe the LEDs at high speeds and narrow pulse widths, safely overdrive the LEDs for optimum performance and control the lights via RS232 or Ethernet. High powered LED strobe lights support a wide range of ANPR/LPR based applications. From average speed monitoring to red light violation and parking access and control, the VTR range of lights offers high power with full remote control and easy synchronization to the cameras. Line scan speeds are continually increasing. The VLX range of LED line lights offers a solution to high speed line scan illumination requiring the highest intensity. For web applications from 100mm to 3 meters+ the VLX line lights provide up to 2.3 million Lux of illumination. No longer is the illumination a limiting factor for this high speed process