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1stVision LE-MV3-2514 2/3" 3 Megapixel 25mm lens
1stVision 3MP OEM Lenses

The 1stVision LE-MV3-2514 is a 25 mm lens with a M35.5 x 0.5 filter size, -0.02% distortion, 160 resolution.

The 1stVision LE-MV3-2514 and the 1stVision 3MP OEM Lens family features extremely high resolution but low cost, non branded, great for oem applications, performs as well as other ’5 mp’ lenses, 160 + lp/mm, low distortion, screw locks, robust design.

photo of the 1stVision LE-MV3-2514 lens

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Manufacturer: 1stVision
Manufacturer PN: LE-MV3-2514
Focal Length: 25mm
Quality: 3MP
Sensor Size: 2/3"
Lens Mount: C
F Stop: 1.4

M.O.D. (m): 0.2
Dimension (L x W): 37.5 x 44
Iris type: smooth
Filter size: M35.5 x 0.5
Distortion: -0.02%
Resolution: 160