The Opto Engineering TCKIT case includes a selection of some of the most commonly used telecentric optics in measurement applications.

A kit of 4 C-mount telecentric lenses covers FOVs ranging from 9 mm to 64 mm, offering good coverage of many measurement applications. These lenses are suitable for detectors up to 2/3", so that most cameras can be used in combination with this set of optics. In addition, a LTCL 036 collimated light source is included in the box; this illuminator can be coupled with the three smaller telecentric lenses in order to demonstrate the several benefits of collimated illumination.

The TC Kit case is a very helpful tool for system integrators and research centers that are frequently dealing with new machine vision applications.

The Telecentric kit also benefits from our special educational price: you should seriously consider to buy this kit for your laboratory and discover the advantages of bi-telecentric optics!

Ideal for:

  • Prototyping
  • Feasibility studies
  • Demo system setup
  • Educational purposes
Products included Description
TC 23 064 Bi-telecentric lens for 2/3″ 64 x 48 mm FOV
TC 23 036 Bi-telecentric lens for 2/3″ 36 x 27 mm FOV
TC 23 016 Bi-telecentric lens for 2/3″ 16 x 128 mm FOV
TC 23 009 Bi-telecentric lens for 2/3″ 8.8 x 6.6 mm FOV
LTCL 036-G Collimated LED illuminator, green

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