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Frame grabbers for Imaging Applications
Dalsa, IDS, Imperx, Imagenation frame grabbers

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DalsaAnacondaCamera Link1 base, medium or full85MhzCLPCIX
DalsaPC2CAMLINKCamera Link1 base mode66MhzCLPCI
DalsaPC2VisionVar Scan/RGB6:1 mux, 1 simul40MhzRS-170PCI
DalsaPCCAMLINKCamera Link1 base mode66MhzCLPCI
DalsaX64 Xcelera AN-LX1 QuadAnalogcallcallcallPCIe x 1
DalsaX64 Xcelera-HS PX8HSLinkcallcallHSLinkPCIe x 8
DalsaX64-CL ExpressCamera Link2 base mode85MhzCLPCIe x 1
DalsaX64-CLE PX4 DualCamera Link2 base mode85MhzCLPCIe x 4
DalsaX64-CLE PX4 FullCamera Link1 base, medium or full85MhzCLPCIe x 4
DalsaX64-CLE PX8 DualCamera Link2 base mode85MhzCLPCIe x 8
DalsaX64-CLE PX8 FullCamera Link1 base, medium or full85MhzCLPCIe x 8
DalsaX64-DualCamera Link2 base mode85MhzCLPCIX
DalsaX64-FullCamera Link1 base, medium or full85MhzCLPCIX
DalsaX64-iProCamera Link2 base mode85MhzCLPCIX
DalsaX64-iProLTCamera Link1 medium or 2 base85MhzCLPCIX
DalsaX64-LVDSDigital LVDSRS422 x 32 bit40MhzCLPCIX
DalsaXtium CL PX4Camera Link1 base, medium or full or 2 base85MhzCLPCIe x 4
IDSFalconRS170/NTSC4:1 mux, 1 simul30MhzRS-170PCI
IDSFalconQuattroRS170/NTSC4 simul30MhzRS-170PCI
ImagenationPXC200RS170/NTSC4:1 mux, 1 simul30MhzRS-170PCI
ImperxFrameLinkCamera Link1 base mode66MhzCLPCMCIA
ImperxFrameLink ExpressCamera Link2 base mode85 MhzCLXpresscard