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Sapera LT Board Control Library Software

Sapera LT Software Overview

Sapera LT is a suite of hardware-independent C and C++ software libraries for image acquisition, display and control that supports all DALSA Coreco hardware platforms. Its comprehensive feature set includes program portability, versatile camera controls, flexible display functionality, management and easy-to-use application development wizards. Sapera LT is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++, .Net, Visual Basic 6.0 and Borland C++ Builder and support for Windows XP, 2000 and NT platforms.

Sapera LT CamExpert – Camera Configuration Utility

Sapera LT (V.5.0) comes bundled with DALSA Coreco’s advanced CamExpert™, a proprietary camera configuration utility specifically designed to leverage the power of DALSA Coreco’s image acquisition boards. This Windows®-based utility provides an interactive environment within which to create a new, or modify an existing, configuration file for area and linescan applications. Key CamExpert features include:

  • Enhanced graphical user interface with camera-centric parameters
  • Live grab and display window for online parameter tweaking
  • Sophisticated waveform view improves understanding of signal inter-relationships
  • Interactive waveform tools allows precise timing parameter setup

Sapera LT Key Features

Trigger-to-Image Reliability

  • Controls, monitors and corrects the entire image acquisition process
  • Enables more efficient and reliable machine vision inspections
  • Immune to false triggers


  • Multi-threading and multiprocessing compliant
  • Build-in support for pixel format conversion
  • Powerful Bayer filter decoding algorithms

Rapid development

  • Simplified programming interface
  • High-level C++ classes simplify application development
  • Application wizard quick-starts the development process


  • Single API across hardware platform
  • Ability to create custom camera configuration files
  • Supports DirectDraw and ActiveX Controls
  • Program/hardware portability
  • TWAIN and DirectShow support