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Firewire Cameras

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AVTGuppy Pro F-031 B/C1394B65649414121Sony ICX6181/4
AVTGuppy Pro F-032 B/C1394B6564941279Sony ICX4241/3
AVTGuppy Pro F-125 B/C1394B12929641430Sony ICX4451/3
AVTGuppy Pro F-146 B/C1394B139210401217Sony ICX2671/2
AVTGuppy Pro F-201 B/C1394B162812361214Sony ICX2741/1.8
AVTGuppy Pro F-503 B/C1394B259219441213Aptina MT9P0311/2.5
AVTGuppy-033 B/C1394A658494858Sony ICX4241/3
AVTGuppy-036 B/C1394A752480864Aptina MT9V0321/3
AVTGuppy-038 NIR B/C1394A768494830Sony ICX4281/2
AVTGuppy-044 NIR B/C1394A752582825Sony ICX4291/2
AVTGuppy-046 B/C1394A780582849Sony ICX4151/2
AVTGuppy-080 B/C1394A10347781230Sony ICX2041/3
AVTGuppy-146 B/C1394A139210241217Sony ICX2671/2
AVTGuppy-503 B/C1394A25921944126Aptina MT9P0311/2.5
AVTMarlin-033 B/C1394A6564941074Sony ICX4141/2
AVTMarlin-046 B/C1394A7805821053Sony ICX4151/2
AVTMarlin-080 B/C1394A1032778830Sony ICX2041/3
AVTMarlin-131 B/C1394A12801024825Cypress IBIS5-A-13002/3
AVTMarlin-131B-NIR1394A12801024825Cypress IBIS5-A-13002/3
AVTMarlin-145 B/C1394A13921040815Sony ICX2051/2
AVTMarlin-146 B/C1394A139210401017Sony ICX2671/2
AVTMarlin-201 B/C1394A162812361015Sony ICX2741/1.8
AVTPike-032 B/C1394B64048014208Kodak KAI-03401/3
AVTPike-100 B/C1394B100010001460Kodak KAI-10202/3
AVTPike-145 B/C1394B138810381430Sony ICX2852/3
AVTPike-210 B/C1394B192010801431Kodak KAI-20931
AVTPike-421 B/C1394B204820481416Kodak KAI-40211.2
AVTPike-505 B/C1394B245620581215Sony ICX6252/3
AVTStingray F-033 B/C1394B6564941484Sony ICX4141/2
AVTStingray F-046 B/C1394B7805821461Sony ICX4151/2
AVTStingray F-080 B/C1394B10247681431Sony ICX2041/3
AVTStingray F-125 B/C1394B12969661430Sony ICX4451/3
AVTStingray F-145 B/C1394B139210401416Sony ICX2852/3
AVTStingray F-146 B/C1394B139210401415Sony ICX2671/2
AVTStingray F-201 B/C1394B162812361414Sony ICX2741/1.8
AVTStingray F-504 B/C1394B24522056149Sony ICX6552/3

*Model Abbreviations designate camera is available in B-Monochrome, M-Monochrome, C-Color, M/C-Monochrome or Color
**Interface - Firewire cameras = 1394 , Camera Link cameras = Cam Link, USB2.0 cameras = USB, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, GigeVision) = GigE
***FPS - Frames Per Second