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IDS USB 2.0 Cameras

IDS USB 2.0 cameras  - USB 2.0 industrial cameras - click a tab to view each camera family

uEye ML USB 2.0 Family Features

  • USB2.0 Interface
  • Ultra compact rugged metal housing
  • CS/C mount
  • Hardware trigger in and strobe output
  • Extremely low cost
  • High performance
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
UI-1240ML M/CUSB 2.012801024825e2V EV76C560BB1/1.8
UI-1240ML-NIR MUSB 2.012801024825e2V EV76C661ABT1/1.8
UI-1250ML M/CUSB 2.0160012001018e2V EV76C5701/1.8

uEyeLE USB 2.0 Family Features

  • USB2.0 Interface
  • Ultra compact high impact ABS housing
  • CS/C mount
  • Resolutions from WVGA to 10 Megapixels
  • Monochrome and Color Models
  • Board level with S mount and no lens mount
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
UI-122xLE M/CUSB 2.0752480887Aptina MT9V0321/3
UI-124XLE M/CUSB 2.012801024825e2V EV76C560BB1/1.8
UI-124XLE-NIR M/CUSB 2.012801024825e2V EV76C560BB1/1.8
UI-125xLE M/CUSB 2.0160012001018e2V EV76C5701/1.8
UI-146xLE CUSB 2.020481536811Aptina MT9T0011/2
UI-148xLE M/CUSB 2.02560192086Aptina MT9P0311/2.5
UI-149xLE M/CUSB 2.03840276083Aptina MT9J0031/2
UI-154xLE MUSB 2.012801024825Aptina MT9M0011/2
UI-155xLE CUSB 2.016001200818Aptina MT9D0111/3
UI-158xLE CUSB 2.02560192086Aptina MT9P006STC1/2.5
UI-164xLE CUSB 2.012801024825Aptina MT9M1311/3

uEye SE USB 2.0 Family Features

  • High Quality CMOS & CCD Sensors
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Ultra Compact Housing
  • Monochrome and Color Models
  • Resolutions from WVGA to 10 Megapixels
  • Trigger and Strobe
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
UI-1220SE M/CUSB 2.0752480887Aptina MT9V0321/3
UI-1240SE M/CUSB 2.012801024825e2V EV76C560BB1/1.8
UI-1240SE-NIR MUSB 2.012801024825e2V EV76C661ABT1/1.8
UI-1250SE M/CUSB 2.0160012001018e2V EV76C5701/1.8
UI-1410SE M/CUSB 2.0640480835Kodak KAC-9618/281/3
UI-1460SE CUSB 2.020481536811Aptina MT9T0011/2
UI-1480SE M/CUSB 2.02580192086Aptina MT9P0311/2.5
UI-1490SE M/CUSB 2.03840276083Aptina MT9J0031/2
UI-1540SE MUSB 2.012801024825Aptina MT9M0011/2
UI-1550SE CUSB 2.016001200818Aptina MT9D0111/3
UI-1580SE CUSB 2.02580192086Aptina MT9P006STC1/2.5
UI-1640SE CUSB 2.012801024825Aptina MT9M1311/3
UI-2140SE M/CUSB 2.012809601225Sony ICX4451/3
UI-2210SE M/CUSB 2.064048012100Sony ICX4141/2
UI-2220SE M/CUSB 2.07685761271Sony ICX4151/2
UI-2230SE M/CUSB 2.010247681240Sony ICX2041/3
UI-2240SE M/CUSB 2.0128010241215Sony ICX2051/2
UI-2250SE M/CUSB 2.0160012001217.5Sony ICX2741/1.8
UI-2280SE M/CUSB 2.024482050126Sony ICX6552/3
UI-2310SE M/CUSB 2.06404801275Sony ICX098B1/4
UI-2340SE CUSB 2.0136010241223Sony ICX2671/2
UI-2340SE MUSB 2.0136010241223Sony ICX2671/2
UI-2410SE M/CUSB 2.06404808100Sony ICX4241/3

IDS uEye 1008XS USB Autofocus Camera

  • 5 Megapixel Autofocus USB2 camera, but in under a 1" cubic inch USB package
  • Integrated Autofocus lens (60 deg FOV)
  • Full HD Video
  • 5MP video @15 fps JPEG
  • Automatic Image Control
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
UI-1005XS-CUSB 2.025921944815Aptina MT9P1111/4

*Model Abbreviations designate camera is available in B-Monochrome, M-Monochrome, C-Color, M/C-Monochrome or Color
**Interface - Firewire cameras = 1394 , Camera Link cameras = Cam Link, USB2.0 cameras = USB, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, GigeVision) = GigE
***FPS - Frames Per Second