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Emergent Vision Technologies Ultra High Speed 10 GIGE Industrial Cameras

The Emergent Vision Technologies 10 GigE cameras set a new standard in Ultra Fast high speed imaging for industrial vision applications. The 10 GigE interface is GenICam and GigE Vision compatible. The cameras are flexible and smart with on-board processing to enhance productivity and solve complex imaging problems quickly and effectively.

Emergent Vision Technologies 10 GigE industrial camera

Ultra High Speed 10 GIGE Industrial Cameras

  • Ultra Fast, High Resolution
  • 10 GigE interface
  • On-board algorithms
  • Global Shutter
  • High Sensitivity
  • External Sync and Trigger
  • Industry Compliant
  • Flexible Exposure/Integration Control
Model*Interface**H ResV ResBitsFPS***SensorSensor
HS-12000-N M10 GigE409630721087.5CMOSIS CMV1200028.2mm
HS-12000M HS-12000C10 GigE409630721087.5CMOSIS CMV1200028.2mm
HS-2000-N M10 GigE2048108810340CMOSIS CMV20002/3
HS-20000M HS-20000C10 GigE512038401032CMOSIS CMV2000041mm
HS-2000M HS-2000C10 GigE2048108810340CMOSIS CMV20002/3
HS-4000-N M10 GigE2048204810180CMOSIS CMV40001
HS-4000M HS-4000C10 GigE2048204810180CMOSIS CMV40001

*Model Abbreviations designate camera is available in B-Monochrome, M-Monochrome, C-Color, M/C-Monochrome or Color
**Interface - Firewire cameras = 1394 , Camera Link cameras = Cam Link, USB2.0 cameras = USB, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, GigeVision) = GigE
***FPS - Frames Per Second